Beginning with the end in mind

In a nutshell, Tannissan Mae is a PR and marketing communications company with a special expertise in promoting businesses in finance, technology and online media.

We pride ourselves on our tenacious focus on the final destination – and delivering real results. For us, arriving is when the right people know about our clients, think more highly of them, and do more business with them.

The road less travelled

At Tannissan Mae, we've never been about traditional versus digital. In devising new ways to help you engage, we think about your business objectives first and then about connecting the message with the medium in the most effective ways possible.

We create a fresh map every time

Having long been at the forefront of using social media techniques, we’re experts at exploiting them. Even so, we don't Twitter just for the sake of hearing our own chirpy voices or insist that you start a Facebook group because everyone else has one. We also like to work the traditional media channels, for example, simply picking up the phone to make direct calls to the people who’ll make a difference to your business.